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Homework Schedule:


The homework that I assign for Reading and Language Arts is the exact same every week! I assign very minimal homework because I do expect you to read every night, preferably out loud! The homework that is listed below will help spread your studying out over the week for your Friday Vocab/Spelling Test, so you’re not procrastinating and waiting to study on Thursday night! This is planning ahead! Really pay attention to the assignment. Do not RUSH!

Monday: Synonyms and Antonyms -  Thesaurus (Link)

Antonyms: are two words that have opposite meanings.

Synonyms: are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning.


Students are to write a synonym and antonym for each vocabulary word. I do understand that some of the words I chose may not have a syn/ant and that is okay, just have them leave that spot blank. I have attached a link to a thesaurus. All you have to do is type in the vocabulary word and both, synonyms and antonyms, will pop up for each word. Be sure to choose a word close to the top of the list, they are more accurate. 

Tuesday: Rainbow Writing

Students are to write their weekly vocabulary words 4 times each in alphabetical order. To make it a little more fun, they are allowed to use colored pencils, crayons, pens, etc. and funky designs to give it a little extra flair. 

Wednesday: Extra Reading

It is so important for your child to read EVERY NIGHT, I can not stress that enough! Reading is one of the most important skills children will ever learn! The child who reads well-and loves to read-will excel in school and achieve personal growth!


Thursday: Sentences - Sentence Examples (Link)

Students are to write a sentence using each vocabulary word correctly. If your kiddo is having a hard time understanding a word, I have attached a link for him/her to be able to look up the word and view example sentences for help.

Friday-Sunday: Read, Read, Read!!! 

Read independently, take turns reading with someone, have your own book club, or read to your dog! JUST READ! Read OUT LOUD whenever you can!


Accelerated Reader - AR

 Accelerated Reader is an individualized reading program for students. It allows teachers to set goals, track growth and monitor comprehension .The program is quite easy to use. Students simply read books of their choice, on their reading level, and take short quizzes on the computer to check for comprehension. They earn points based on the number of correct answers, and the computer program tracks their points. Each six week grading period, students are required to earn 12-15 AR points, usually 3 AR points a week, on their individualized reading level, with 70% or better.

At this time, we would like to ask your support at home to encourage your child to read. The BEST thing we can do for our children is to instill a love of learning in them. Please help us by supporting the Accelerated Reader program and encourage your child to read more.